Metaverse technologies designed for the new gold standard in surgery

Abys® Medical develops innovative solutions to streamline the surgical care management workflow based on disruptive technologies for hospitals and clinics’ surgeons with the vision of a game changer.

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Surgery 4.0, The game changing concept from metaverse technologies

Surgery 4.0 scheme

A holistic data-driven concept combining all technologies from metaverse world to answer tomorrow’s surgical challenges, from preoperative decision-making process to surgery realization.

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Surgiverse®, The game changer from Surgery 4.0

Computer open on Surgiverse app User using Cysart

With medical regulations in Abys Medical’ DNA, Abys® Medical is developing a cloud-core and native 3D real-time web platform allowing unprecedented collaborative scene sharing and anatomic detail precision, for surgical planning, personalization, and holographic assistance during operation.

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