Bring digital surgery to the next level with SURGIVERSE®

SURGIVERSE® is a collaborative, virtual workspace that enables surgeons to bring all necessary resources into the operating room via a mixed reality cockpit in 3D enabled by Microsoft Hololens 2.

Reduced cost of care

Reduced risks of error

Improved prevention

Improved patient experience

1 Prepare your data

From any device, anywhere

  • Upload a DICOM in less than 1 minute.


  • Explore 3D models and annotate them with measurements and labels.


  • Gather your notes and documents in a secure space dedicated to the patient.


  • Share and collaborate with other experts to complete your file.

2 Export your data

To the headset

  • Validate your data with peers to work on reliable and relevant information.


  • Export your data to make them available in the mixed reality headset.

3 Perform surgery

With confidence

  • Retrieve your data in the operating room without leaving the sterile field.


  • Manipulate 3D data in mixed reality cockpit thanks to the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset.


  • Organize your workspace for quick access to information during surgery.

Ready for a new surgical experience?

“Using Surgiverse in the operating room allows direct and comfortable access to information without asking the team and gives a great autonomy!”


Dr Marc-Olivier GAUCI, MD, PhD
Surgeon in Orthopedic and Traumatologic Surgery at the University Hospital of Nice

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