Surgiverse, the #1 surgical decision-making suite out of the metaverse



Abys Medical addresses 4P medicine (Personalized, Preventive, Predictive and Participative) and intends to deploy its solutions in health institutions worldwide to improve human surgical procedures pathway and outcomes.


1 game-changing solution
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Abys Medical create Surgiverse solution, a unique software suite that provides surgical teams with a true clinical decision support tool before and during operating room procedure.

Surgiverse 510k cleared


A cloud-based surgical planning web platform in real-time 3D.


Cysware allows the creation of electronic patient files to prepare for surgery using digital twins modeled from medical imaging such as CT scans.

The platform thus makes it possible:

  • to structure the surgical strategy
  • to centralize it
  • to share it with the rest of the medical team.


A surgical assistance cockpit

in mixed reality.


Cysart allows an access to the whole strategy via a digital cockpit directly connected to the platform thanks to a wireless system of mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens 2 allowing:

  • the manipulation of the digital twin in the form of holograms
  • the visualization of all the information deposited in the electronic file of the patient (X-rays, examinations, technical documents…)
Reduced cost of care


cost of care


risks of error




patient experience

Inspired by the concept for ”One Health” for animals and humans well-being, we dedicated our first commercial release to address orthopedic Veterinary pathologies.