Abys Medical adresses the future challenges of surgery

The need: change the paradigm
for surgical teams

Surgery 4.0

Surgeons’ workforce shortage.

Surgery 4.0

Preventable medical errors.

Surgery 4.0

Unplanned costs.

Surgery 4.0

Low level of data-driven process.

Our aim :
Do more and better

at equal cost

Streamline medical operations and reduce procedures’ duration to support economics of care. Empower surgical teams to avoid variability and its impact on patient outcomes.

Turn each surgeon into an expert using a tool that centralizes referenced records, which is remotely accessible, and allows preoperative and intraoperative coordination and collaboration.

Switch from 
an empirical to a systemic

decision making process

Abys Medical solution makes easily available patients digital twins for better insight and preparation of surgery. Surgical teams can also use analytics to improve care team skills, thus surgical outcomes.

Turn surgery into a data driven, operator-agnostic, patient specific process, to perform more of it in a day.

Doing that, surgical teams structure an evidence-based process to reduce healthcare system medico-legal and financial liabilities.

Abort isolation to switch to a worldwide collaborative mode of knowledge